Lex is an Estonian artist from Haapsalu town. He works in own decorative modern style as an urban mural freelancer, illustrator, animator & designer of various projects. He links own paintings mainly with the nature of the North. Contact - lexzoozurban@gmail.com

Short animation "Forest spirit".
Mural "Polar wolves" Winter edition.
Mural "Alps".
Mural "Calm with horses"
mural "Clouds-Seashells ".
mural "Rocky shores"
Short animation "Aurora Borealis".
Fresco "Respiration"
Fresco "Respiration" at Uppsala/ Sweden.
"Inner Light”
Mural "We are one"
mural "Planet Oil"
Mural "Planet oil" at Haapsalu /Estonia. July 2019.
Mural "Polar wolves".
Mural "Polar wolves / Run with the wolves" for ILandSound music festival at Orissaare town / Saaremaa island. Acrylic facade paints.
"Toxic heart"
mural "Matsalu Barnacle goose."
Mural "Matsalu Barnacle goose." for Lihula Coop & for the Matsalu national park - birds paradise. 
mural "Tail"
mural "Baltic Sea."
mural " Whale´s dream."
Mural "Whaleś dream" at Lihula town is a part of my series about sea metaphysics.
"Born in the Ocean."
Work are dedicated to environmental issue of ocean acidification.
logo "Vutipesa."
Logo & graphic design for resto "Vutipesa." - "Quailś nest." in translation from Estonian.
acrylic paint on paper
Mural "Autumn." for cafe.
Urban mural for " Müüriääre kohvik " cafe in Haapsalu town/ Estonia. On the wall I painted episodes of autumn nature and illustration of the window where you can feel home cosiness and the aroma of fresh spices.
mural "Okapi´s last sun. Africa."
Series of illustrations "North forest.".
Illustrations "North forest." are the series about episodes of a cold, snowy, windy Forestlands of North , which are warm to my heart. All size of paintings are the same 700/700 mm. Technique - acrylic on paper.
"Saaremaa night. "
Acrylic paint "Saaremaa night." i made specially for " I Land Sound." music & art festival, which was conducted at Orissaare - beautiful place at Estonian Saaremaa island. Picture has UV-lighting effect.
"First & last snow."
illustrationś "First snow." & "Last snow." are part of the series "North forest.". Size 700/700 mm.
door mural "Nature's hands."
Door mural "Nature's hands." for the "Lija." store of handicraft in Haapsalu town.
mural "Dripping greens."
Mural "Dripping greens" for Kuressaare street festival in collaboration with incredible fairytale artist Maria Evestus from Saarema island. My ganja-jungle part is at the top of the wall and Mariaś at the edges within the framework of.
mural "Lifelines in water."
Mural "Lifelines in water.". Private house in Haapsalu town.
«Stagnated liquid»
Haapsalu city / 2016.
mural "deep roots/ Africa."
Portrait of a girl from the African tribe, with сlear eyes & pure mind. Mural in Haapsalu city.
mural "Toxic shells."
emmm....warning! toxic hypercolor! take care of mother nature)...mural for my fishes & birds friends...
mural "Remarque´s muse"
" Remarque muse." - Marlene Dietrich portrait. Mural in Haapsalu city.
urban mural "Toxic snails." & "Bergenś rain"
Urban murals "Bergenś rain" with amistreetart & "toxic snails" in Bergen city under Fjøsangerveien bridge.
graffiti "sunny beads"
graffiti "sunny beads" in Tartu city for Thalia club
"Jellyfish" interior mural.
interior mural "Jellyfish." at "Säde" bar wc in Tartu city. Within Stencibility art festival.
sketches for mural painting in Tallinn city
Sketches for mural painting in Tallinn city. Within JJ street art Baltic Session 2016. The project stopped at the request of the homeowners.
mural "polar mind"
mural "polar mind" ...
"tickling bushes"
mural "tickling bushes"
interior mural "Old Tallinn"
interior mural "Old Tallinn" at Rostov on Don / private house
mural "time"
it's about 8 o'clock...or it doesn't matter...
posters at bus stations
Illustrations "Who`s there?" & "Lifeline" i made for street exhibition "Kontrast 2". This unique exhibition are in the new format - our works are situated at bus stations at Saaremaa island - fb.com/events/1328138087196895/
lost trees
"lost trees" like forest barcode or all the trees go to heaven. acryl/paper 70/70 cm. illustration made to draw attention to the tragic moments of nature, in which are guilty man. This problem is about destruction of the forests.
Mural "Tapetum lucidum".
mural in Haapsalu city
Mural "Rainbow trees."
Decorative painting on street wall for kind family in Haapsalu city. Circular composition "rainbow trees" made by acrylic colors .
Blind autumn
Photo... sunny blind autumn...
Mural "Bubble gum".
Postmodern Street Art "bubble gum". Inspired by Planningtorock, so its Jam Rostron portait.
Glittering light in water
Mosaic "Crimean night".
My project at kid`s camp "Artkwest" in Crimea. Pebble mosaic "Crimean night" 2m/12m. 2015 august. On mosaics work also participated four great artists.
project "jumping fish" for Spb exotarium
Facade decor for exotarium with mosaic & stained glass/fusing. Final project at Saint-Petersburg Art and Industrial Academy.
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